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Existing Green Areas in Cairo
Comparison with Planning Criteria and International Norms

Abbas M. el-Zafarany
Lecturer, Faculty of Urban Planning, Cairo university



Green Areas are essential to Urban and Environmental quality of large cities, specially Metropolitan cities like Cairo which is extremely dense, Faces a severe shortage in Green spaces, both in quantity and distribution, the green area barely reaches 1.5 m2 per person, which is much less than green areas in cities allover the world. Which cases a big problem.
This paper is trying to define the problem, both quantitatively quantity and qualitatively, to lay a scientific base for solution, defining the problem starts by defining the goal, min. planning Criteria for green areas ranges between 10 and 18 m2 per person, the Local criterion for new towns is 11-13 m2 per person. The existing situation totally contrasts with this, overall is about 1.5m2 per person, it is not distributed evenly, some areas does not reach 0.1 m2 per person, they may be considered Urban Deserts due to lack of vegetation, while others relatively have more green of7m2 per person. Comparing Cairo satellite images to world cities visualizes the problem, Cairo is a gray desert compared to green cities of the world, statistics quantify the differences.
Cairo is much denser than similar size cities around the world, every person has only 33m2 of city space for all land uses, hence it is hard to achieve the required green areas, achieving between 5-7 meters of greens in Cairo would be an appropriate goal.

Green areas, Open spaces shortage, Planning Criteria, Cairo, Urban Environment.



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